About ISHA Osijek

ISHA-Osijek is a students’ of history club from the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek, Croatia. It was founded in 2007.

It is a member of the international non-governmental organization of students of history called ISHA (International Students of History Association), which is based and active mainly in Europe.

 Members and associates of ISHA-Osijek (2010)

ISHA-Osijek has approximately thirty members who have participated in many conferences and seminars, and in 2007 they successfully organized a seminar in Osijek which dealt with wars and armed conflicts throughout history.

 Conference in Pula (2011)

One of the main projects of ISHA-Osijek is writing, editing and publishing of the journal Essehist whose main purpose is to encourage students to research, write, and publish their works.

 Cover of the first issue of Essehist